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Country: France|Belgium
Genre: Comedy|Drama
Year: 2019

Claire, a beautiful young woman works at her late father’s hotel that is now managed by her evil stepmother Maud. Claire unwittingly sparks uncontrollable jealousy in Maud, whose young … See full summary »

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Jason Adams reporting from the Tribeca Film Festival one last time…The sins of the flesh have always been right there on the surface of Fairy Tales, waiting to be ravaged by sex and by violence, by finger and by claw. Crooked old ladies morph into comely lasses, and ripe red lips are ready to be plucked and plundered. Snow White didn't move in with seven little dudes by mistake — whatever our imaginations can imagine, whatever wishes our hearts can make, they're all within reach for a price, endless sleep watch latest movies free and poisoned apples. Anne Fontaine's White as Snow is just the latest in a long string of movies soft-coring up our princess fantasies…Anne Fontaine’s present-day female-sexual-empowerment fable “White as Snow” is not a Snow White story per se, although it’s fun to think of Isabelle Huppert’s character — an aging health-spa diva who becomes diabolically envious of her stepdaughter — as the wicked queen. This, one might argue, was a campy role the icy French star was born to play, and Huppert sinks her teeth into it, much as her scheming villainess hopes the pale-skinned Claire (Lou de Laâge) might a poisoned apple. But the differences between Fontaine’s stunt and the actual Brothers full out full movie online Grimm fairy tale distractingly outweigh the film’s semi-forced similarities, ultimately leaving audiences to wonder how this coy provocation wound up getting confused with Snow White in the first place.The answer: Fontaine began with a situation more than a story, wherein a “pure” young woman (so perceived by multiple characters) discovers the nubile effect her beauty has over men.Luxembourgian director Anne Fontaine is an icon of Francophone cinema, with a 25-year filmmaking career glutted with César Award nominations and festival debuts. Though her work spans decades and genres, it has always been female-centered, and “White As Snow,” her 16th feature to date, is no exception.Read More: The 100 Most watch free streaming movies online Anticipated Films Of 2019This modernized retelling casts Claire (Lou de Laâge) as its proverbial princess, a listless orphan working for the coldly maternal Maud (Isabelle Huppert).Continue reading ‘White As Snow’ With Isabelle Huppert & Lou De Laâge Is A Female Empowerment Fairy Tale [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.