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Country: USA
Genre: Horror|Thriller
Year: 2021

The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode ends.

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2018’s Halloween breathed new life into Michael Myers, making for a critical and box office smash that took the franchise in a fresh direction while paying tribute to its past. Buoyed up by its success, Blumhouse have commissioned back-to-back sequels: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. They’ll be released around Halloween 2020 and 2021, but have both been shooting over the last few months. And making his debut in the franchise with these films is The Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep star Robert Longstreet, who’ll play Lonnie Elam.Longtime Halloween fans will remember Lonnie from the original movie, in which movies to watch 2018 he bullies Tommy Wallace, who Laurie Strode was tasked with babysitting. Later in the film, he was dared to enter the Myers house, where he would probably have met a gruesome end if Dr. Loomis hadn’t scared him away. Since then, the character hasn’t turned up in the franchise,Mike Flanagan, whose Doctor Sleep represents one of the best Stephen King movies of recent years, has been discussing his ideas for taking on various franchises. We’ve already looked at how the director could tackle A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is taking new pitches, but it seems that Flanagan also has free movie his eye on another classic film series.When interviewed by Bloody Disgusting, Flanagan revealed his idea for a new Halloween movie, and it sounds pretty compelling. Before David Gordon Green took over the franchise with last year’s surprise hit, soon to be followed by two sequels, Flanagan was reportedly on a shortlist of directors being considered by Blumhouse to take on the project. And here, he explains how this short-lived idea played out:“I found my notes for that very brief period of time when I was trying to come up full films online with a take on Halloween because Jason had said,We all know kids watch horror films. No matter how much responsible adults try to warn them against such R-rated flicks, chances are they’ll just want to watch them more. We’re not here to blame. We were young once, too, after all.With that in mind, Halloween “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis – who recently celebrated her 61st birthday – spoke out about how she doesn’t want children to be exposed to the classic horror series. Now, it appears she’s gone one further in a movies in good quality recent appearance on CinemaBlend’s podcast.According to the outlet, Curtis has been rather blunt about how she feels towards parents who allow their children to watch Halloween. She addressed concerns that young kids wouldn’t be able to handle the film’s depictions of violence and seems dumbfounded when parents express their delight that their children are fans.I’m not demeaning