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Country: USA
Genre: Horror
Year: 2020

Plot details kept under wraps. Described as a re-imagining of the horror film ‘Saw’.

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw is reportedly the official title of Saw Reboot. But this may be fake, as it hasn't been confirmed by Lionsgate and some initial reports have since been removed from the Internet. The reboot hits theaters later this year and there has been a ton of speculation as to what the official title was going to be. The working title for the horror movie was Organ Donor and is still what is listed on the Wikipedia page for the reboot. However, the Canadian distributor for the project may have let the cat out of the bag a little early with Spiral: From the Book of hd quality movies Saw being used on their site.Spiral: From the Book of Saw sort of fits into the Saw 9 mythos, since it seems mysterious and a bit ambiguous, while still tied to the franchise as a whole. With the official title seemingly leaking now,The Saw franchise has been around since 2004, and like the vast majority of long-running horror brands, the law of diminishing returns set in a long time ago. The first installment is still the most fondly-remembered of them all, and free movies online movie brought something different to the genre when graphically-violent ‘torture porn’ was still all the rage, before the series focused more on the elaborate and gruesome traps cooked up by Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw as the main selling point.Despite there already having been eight Saw movies, with the concept well and truly run into the ground in the process, there’s still a major amount of intrigue surrounding the upcoming ninth entry, due almost entirely to the involvement of Chris Rock. The 54 year-old comedian isn’t exactly the first name that springs to mind when you think of Saw, but not only is he executive producing, he also came up with the watch full movies online free streaming idea for the story.Tomorrow is the last day of 2019, which means that we’re about to enter an entirely new decade. Fingers crossed that 2020 is something special. With a whole new year about to be upon us, and as such, there’s a ton of new films to anticipate. Fun times, right? Today will be a day to look forward, which is a little different than most are doing here in the final days of December, when looking back is all the rage. Indeed, there’s a whole slate of titles emerging in the weeks and months to come, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on. Even just in the coming days, we’ll see 2020 releases online movie watchs 2018 begin to overtake the current 2019 expansions. There will be some rather rough times as studios dump their lesser projects, but look to the independent flicks for saving graces until the bigger films begin to come out,