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Country: Georgia|Russia
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2019

An uneventful life of Giorgi Meskhi, a 28-year-old deputy-chief engineer from an industrial town, turns upside down when he accidentally witnesses a murder of the famous goalkeeper. He … See full summary »

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Director, screenwriter, literary theorist and author of poetry and philosophy texts Dmitry Mamuliya graduated from Tbilisi State University’s Faculty of Philosophy and went on to study Directing in Moscow. He is the author of the films Moscow (short), Another Sky – which marked his debut feature – and The Criminal Man.On the occasion of “The Criminal Man” screening at Thessaloniki International Film Festival, we speak with him about the inspiration behind the film and Giorgi, the unnoticeable people of the world, becoming watch movies online free full movies a criminal, and many other topics.What was the inspiration behind The Criminal Man and how did you create the character of Giorgi?I was interested in genealogy of a crime, how a person steps into the darkness, into the night, how their soul gets sick and starts a feud with the world around. I suddenly discovered that all that is happening to this sick soul has visual nature.Nominated for the Venice Horizons Award and winner of the International Competition at Bosphorus Film Festival, “The Criminal Man” is a rather interesting production that uses an art-house approach best free movies online to present genre elements of the psychological thriller and the crime movie, before it is revealed as something much deeper.“The Criminal Man” is screening at the 60th Thessaloniki International Film FestivalGiorgi Mekshi is an introverted, to the point of almost completely silent, 28-year-old engineer, who works in a mine town and lives in the same rundown house with his sister and her daughter. His life is the epitome of mundane, until one day he witnesses the murder of a man who is soon revealed to be the goalkeeper of the national team. Instead of running away, however, he decides to take a movies 2018 full movies closer look at the body and a strange excitement begins to build inside him. He decides toThe 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival invites audience and filmmakers to the large celebration of global independent cinema from October 31 to November 10, 2019, showcasing the best films from all over the world, important guests and tributes, cinematic surprises, as well as a series of parallel events in the city of Thessaloniki.Here are all the Asian Films in the Official Programme:International Competition“Wet Season” by Anthony Chen – Singapore, Taiwan – 2019Out Of Competition“Beanpole” by Kantemir Balagov – Russia, 2019”Abou Leila” – by Amin Sidi-boumediene – Algeria, France, Qatar – what now full movie online 2019“Sister”Balkan Survey“Noah Land” by Cenk Erturk – Germany, Turkey, USA – 2019”Sister” by Svetla Tsotsorkova – Bulgaria, Qatar – 2019Film Forward“From Tomorrow On, I Will” by Ivan Markovic, Wu Linfeng – Germany, China, Serbia – 2019”Krabi 2562” by Anocha Suwichakornpong, Ben Rivers – United Kingdom, Thailand – 2019“Africa”Meet The Neighbors”Africa” by Oren Gerner – Israel – 2019“The Criminal Man” by Dmitry Mamuliya – Georgia, Russia – 2019Special Screenings”Chained” by Yaron Shani – Israel,