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Country: UK
Genre: Horror
Year: 2019

When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is un-earthed and opened, it’s new owners soon have reason to believe the creepy clown doll within has a life of it’s own.

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Stars: Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Philip Ridout, Darrie Gardner, Charles Abomeli, Stacey Lynn Crowe, Simon Balfour | Written and Directed by Lawrence FowlerWhen a museum is donated a vintage Jack-In-The-Box, it s not long before staff member Casey starts to think that the creepy clown doll inside has a life of its own. As he discovers his colleagues are dying, one by one, Casey realises it’s up to him to find a way to end the nightmare or become another watching movies online free full movie without downloading victim of the box’s curse…Clowns. Bloody terrifying if done right. And in horror movies clowns are usually, no matter, the budget, creepy bastards you want to get away from as soon as possible. But what about a Jack-in-the-Box? Technically a clown yes, but hampered by – you know – being attached to a box. Though that didn’t stop the creepy jack-in-the-box from Demonic Toys did it?Once you open the box, you can’t escape it. Writer / Director Lawrence Fowler (Curse of the Witch’s Doll) of Fowler Media dares the audience to open The it full movie free Jack In The Box and witness the unleashing of the demon within. “When a vintage Jack-In-The-Box is un-earthed and donated to a museum in the heart of …The post The Jack In The Box – Trailer Update! appeared first on Hnn |